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Anonymous asked:

It would not hurt at all because you would nudge me and I trust that you would not hurt me. Gently but with a little aggressiveness also. You can work and adjust thst would feel just right.

I have no idea who you are 🙈🙊


liking 2,197 facebook pages in 2008 is my biggest regret

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Went to see soulfly a couple weeks ago, only got shit pics 😫 but here’s a selfie with John 🙌

Date someone who looks at you the way Mark Ruffalo looks at Paul Rudd.
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Anonymous asked:

By the way would you be daring and naughty to nudge and play my groin with your feet wearing either your Docs or kneehigh Converse? I do tend to like that on me.

That sounds like I’d hurt you :-/ 😖

Anonymous asked:

I do like your Converse and Docs when you are actually wearing them so that's how I get a boner. Looks attractive and sexy on you. So the shoes alone don't get me aroused. It's only when your wearing them if that makes sense.

Haha I know I know 😝 I was just joking 😝

Anonymous asked:

Wow!!! That is awesome. Thanks for giving me a major boner. You're gorgeous wearing those and deserve the compliment. I also saw you wearing your Doc Martens and I got also aroused seeing you wearing them as well. It's really intense.

Wow you like converse and doc martens more than I do… I didn’t think that was possible 😝

Anonymous asked:

You're really beautiful and I got so aroused seeing you wearing your kneehigh Converse chucks. Happens so fast. Forgive me.

Why thank you! They happen to be my favourite choice of shoe 😝

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